What size group do you teach?

A maximum of 5 students per instructor ratio will be taught.

What is the minimum amount of students signed up for the course to be still held?

We require a minimum of three students to be signed up for a course in order for it to be held.

Are there any penalties if I have to cancel my course?

If you cancel 7 days prior to the classroom session, no additional charges will be applied. If you cancel the course fewer than 7 days prior to your scheduled classroom session, a re-scheduling and administrative fee of $65 will be applied.

Do I need to bring my own motorcycle?

No, taking our course will enable you to use Shifting Motorcycle School’s motorcycles.

Can I use your motorcycle to take my road permit exam?

Yes, as part of the course fee, you will be able to use our motorcycle to take your road permit test; as long as you sign up with our designated registry. The examiner will show up on our lot, and your examiner will follow you on the road and bring you back to our lot.

What happens if I don’t pass my road test my first attempt?

You can sign up again with the registry and pay for another road test permit, if you would like to use our motorcycle for these next attempts a rental fee of $75 will be applied to use Shifting Motorcycle School’s motorcycle.

Do I need any riding experience in order to take the courses?

No, no previous riding experience is necessary. We focus on teaching students to ride without any prior knowledge.

Do you provide advance riding courses?

At the moment there is no advance riding courses in the schedule, however you can book some one on one time with an instructor to learn more advanced skills or if you just would like some refresher information or if you would like to head out for rides on more winding roads. In the future, Shifting Motorcycle School will provide more advanced riding courses for riders whom have graduated from their program and/or riders that would like to learn more advanced riding skills. We will update our website and social media to let you know when these will be available.

Do I need to bring my own gear to take the course?

Even though it is recommended that every student has their own personal ride by gear to wear for the courses; we understand that purchasing riding gear can be costly, especially when starting out in the sport. For this reason Shifting Motorcycle School may provide you with helmets, jackets and gloves to use during our courses. We have a limited number and sizes of helmets and jackets, so please make us aware of your needs in gear when you register for the course, and we will do our very best in accommodating.

What kind of footwear do I need?

It is strongly recommended to have proper riding shoes/boots for your own safety. Should you not want to purchase proper riding shoes/boots, the bare minimum attire would be sturdy shoes or boots that cover your ankles. No sandals, open toed shoes will be tolerated. Avoid steel toed boots, as this will effect your feel with your left foot for the gear shifter.

Where does the on-lot training take place?

We will be training on lot on the Calgary stampede grounds. Precise location will be given during the classroom session.

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