Learn to Ride - (LTR) $595
This course is developed for ANYONE wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle for the first time, those whom have a bit of experience, and those whom have ridden before but perhaps it has been a few years or more since their last ride. The target of this program is to set you up with a very good and safe foundation skill level of riding to help you get your motorcycle licence.
Learn to Ride- Females only (LTRF) $595
During the season we will be providing some select dates where we will teach a course exclusively to women. We have found over the years of teaching that it can create a less intimidating learning environment and develop some great camaraderie. This course would be perfect for a group of friends all wanting to learn to ride together.
Basic Maintenance Course approx 1 hr (BMC) $120
This course is designed to give all riders the confidence to do minor work and repair on their motorcycle; things to check regularly, what needs to be lubricated, oil changes etc. We have found that knowing more about your motorcycle and how things work can be very empowering and helps gain confidence when riding as well as when you take your motorcycle in for bigger services.
Advance Riding Skills (ARS) TBD
This program is designed to help expand the confidence level of riders that have a bit of experience and would like to learn more skills to make them a better and safer rider on the road. Riding on the streets has its own dangers and learning to read the road, as well as other drivers, and predicting behaviors is a very good skill to make you safer on the road. This course requires you to use your own motorcycle, learning on your own bike will help you build confidence and the feel for your bike. Dates will be set on a demand basis. Starting mid-season.
Day Road Trips (DRT) TBD
As the season progresses, some riders may want to enjoy heading out towards the mountains on some secondary roads with a group that is at the same skill level. We will head out in small groups and learn how to read the road, getting away from city traffic and enjoying twisty roads on a beautiful day in the foothills of the mountains. This course requires you to use you own motorcycle, learning on yours will help you build confidence and feel for your bike.
Dates will be set on a demand basis. Starting mid-season.

The school currently teaches on small cc sport bikes (250cc), we have a couple bikes which are lowered to help those that are a little bit shorter to touch the ground with their feet. We have a couple cruisers for those preferring a more relaxed riding position. The goal is to give our students different styles of motorcycles so they can try and feel the difference in each model.


Classroom session will take place on Monday evenings  7 PM to 9 PM
Location TBA

Weekday evening courses: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5 PM to 10 PM

Weekend courses:

1.    Saturday & Sunday 8 AM to 3 PM

2.    Saturday & Sunday 3 PM to 10 PM

Private lessons:

One-on-one instruction  can be modified to be tailored to your needs


Courses LTR and LTRF: Weekday evenings and weekends $595 + GST

Private: One-on-one $120 /hr + GST 

All courses require a minimum of 3 students to be signed up (except for private lessons). If less than 3 students are signed up for the course, the student will be contacted and an alternate date will be provided.

Courses will run rain or shine unless it is snowing.

 It is recommended that students come prepared to the practical on-lot courses with the appropriate gear for riding.

We do understand that you may not have proper riding gear, or want to wait to invest in gear. In this regard, Shifting Motorcycle School will provide you with helmets, jackets and gloves as loaners free of cost. However, appropriate footwear is the student’s responsibility. No sandals, open toed shoes are allowed. 

Check out our FAQ section for more details.


I had lots of fun learning how to ride a motorcycle from Ryan, it was a great experience and I highly recommend for anyone who want to learn how to ride. Ryan is knowledgeable about being safe and telling you what you need to do to pass, he always found a way to explain the task to me, so I could wrap my head around it. I’ve made numerous friends through the course and will definitely stay connected with the instructors and friends I have made here for many years to come! I will also be considering registering for the advance ride course this 2018 spring.

Francisco, Calgary

I had the privilege of being tutored by Ryan last year for my motorcycle course. Ryan is the best tutor and would recommend him to any novice, intermediate or experienced rider. I hope to take advanced courses with him in the near future. Don't only take my word, try him out. You won't be disappointed with the training he brings to the table.

Jason V, Calgary

I have always dreamt of riding but always thought it was very difficult. A friend of mine took Ryan’s class and after few days he started riding and told me how great Ryan was. That gave me the confidence to enroll . Never in my life have I ever been on a bike but Ryan made it so easy. Focusing on the essentials after which I took my road test and passed in flying colours. Ryan’s is the best I can say and I am looking forward to taking the advanced class this year. Thanks Team Ryan.

Tobi, Calgary

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